Toxic Realtionships

** warning: strong language **

Toxic Relationships – mental, physical, and emotional.

Being in a toxic relationship definitely changes the way you view everything including yourself. I’m not going to sit here and break down what the difference is between a mental, physical and emotional abusive relationship. One is not worse than the other. At some point, they all come in contact with one another.

I don’t necessarily like the saying “love makes you blind”. For one, if it is “love” you will not be put in a situation where you are abused in any way. Period.

Warning signs can sometimes be oblivious to the person being abused. If a person hurts you, in any way and then comes back and apologizes – run. Do not be blind to what is going on around you, if something happens more than once an apology should not be accepted, it is no longer a mistake at this point. It is a choice.

I feel as though individuals will make so many excuses for the people that they “love” and you know what? You very well may love this person, but if they are destroying you, they DO NOT love you!

Sometimes I feel like people need a harsh eye opener. You can’t always candy coat shit. That’s definitely not what I’m doing here. If someone you’re in a relationship with puts their hands on you, does not want you to be around your friends/family, stops you from doing things you would normally do (example: putting on makeup, going out with friends, etc.), hurts you repeatedly and then apologizes, says they’re going to change and they never do, if they disrespect you, if they make you feel like less of a person, if they don’t make you feel like the sun shines out of your ass and like you are a blessing for them – instead they make you feel like an inconvenience to them. GUESS WHAT?! THEY DO NOT FUCKING LOVE YOU! They are taking advantage of you, they are using your heart to satisfy their own fucked up needs! GET OUT.

I’ve heard people say that getting out of an abusive relationship is hard, and guess what? I was one of those people, I was that person that forgave and believed that my significant other would change – well, they don’t!

It can be hard to get out. Maybe you’re living with this person, maybe you have kids together, maybe you just don’t know how. There are options, there are resources.

If you feel that you are in this situation and need someone to talk to, I am here. Others are here. Look at your relationship, are you happy? Is this what you want? Are you being respected? Are you respectful to the person you are with? Is the respect both ways? If it isn’t, can you work through it? If not, you need to leave.

I’ve spent YEARS of my life in a few toxic relationships. You don’t get those years back. You don’t get the time back that you could have been smiling, but instead you are constantly wondering what you did to deserve to be called names, to be hit, to be thrown around, to be cheated on, to be lied to, being told you aren’t good enough and never will be.. There are opportunities now for you to see that you don’t deserve this abuse.


If you need someone to talk to, to ask questions, or want to learn more about what kind of situations I was in contact :


Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233, 1-800-787-3224 (for Deaf/hard of hearing)

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